Demystifying Print Marketing

1. Does Print Marketing Still Work?

Yes, when done properly, it’s still a very viable marketing proposition ROI.

Before the web exploded in the 2000’s, print marketing was THE main method of marketing for small businesses. Since the 2000’s many businesses have moved away from doing print, favoring some of the ‘free’ forms of online marketing, like SEO, etc.

What this mean to you now is, there is considerably less ‘noise’ in print marketing, so if you were to do a print campaign, your message would not be being drowned out like it would’ve 20 years ago. You can now cut through because so few are doing it.

Direct mail is lower each year, but open rate are going up.[

2. Which Print Marketing works best?

Postcards, Flyers, Personal Letters.

These formats are tried, tested, and true. But they still must be done intelligently.

Postcards are great for sending a coupon or special offer to a cold audience.

Personal letters are perfect for sending to your past and current customers, to foster your relationship, and prompt a sales conversation.

Flyers are effective only when given to your target audience. If you do lawn care, and you’re leaving fliers at apartments which don’t have lawns, then you are wasting your time.

3. What are the Key Factors?

Here are some key points:

  1. Using a reputable mailing company with accurate lists.
  2. Targeting zip codes where the wealth is.
  3. Choose your audience carefully. Don’t be everything to everyone.
  4. Choose your message carefully
  5. Choose your offer carefully

4. What Message works best?

Keep it simple and direct. Start with: problem/reaction/solution

Then, show recent completed projects in those areas. This will help build trust.

Special Offers based on location. People love getting a ‘win’ with a discount. Don’t feel shy to put coupons on your Direct Mail or your Flyers. Make sure you put an expiration date on the offer and that you’re giving a good enough discount to cause them to react.

5. How Often should one be mailing?

Consistency is key. Do a mailing every month for 6 months

One of the most common mistakes with print mailing is that business just try it once and then stop. It needs several months to build up momentum. People need to see the offer multiple times. It is the same with ads. You wouldn’t just show an ad campaign to each person once, would you? No! People need to see that add possibly over a dozen times before they get interested. Realize that mail is no different.

As you get responses to your campaign make sure you tweak your message.

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