No Trust = No Sales

Howdy there! This is marketing bites, by Clear Imaging. I’m your marketing specialist Cirian and we’re going to give you some useful content without the fluff. Let’s dive in. Today we’re talking about how to make your website build trust and get you more sales.

Specifically, we’re talking about ‘trust logos’ or trust elements. Things you can add to your site to make you look more legitimate.

People are searching you on the web and they need to feel reassured and feel safe about going with you; they need third party recognition that you are a safe choice. If people trust you, they will do business with you, let’s dive in and see how you can use this:

Client Logos
Impress visitors by showing them who you’ve worked with
Who does it work for? (B2B) software companies, commercial landscaping, consultants, cleaning

Shows that others think your work is great
Who does it work for? (anyone), contractors, landscapers, plumbers service industry, restaurants, florists, dentists

Memberships & Associations
Shows that you’re a real business
Who does it work for? (accountants, law, medical), ICPI

Security Logos
Shows your visitors their data is safe and they can make purchases with confidence
Who does it work for? (Ecommerce)


Gives peace of mind, that you are qualified for skilled work

Who does it work for? personal trainers, contractors, landscapers, plumbers, elect, service industry (NOT florists, NOT pizza shops)

Shows that you are a real business

Who does it work for? not for everyone (for instance you could be a landscaper, and you are partnering with a company that only does artificial turf, and you refer business to each other, so you could put each other’s logos on your sites, to show that partnership)

Final thoughts

Only pick one or two MAX do not have a page of logos, because that would look terrible.

If you want your website to build trust and get more sales you need to implement what you’ve seen in this video, as it fits with your company, so don’t just sit there and think about it. If you need help with your website my company Clear Imaging has been helping small business owners manage their websites since 2004. We’re super dependable, always answer emails and we get the job done; that is why we’ve been around so long. Come on over to the contact page and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Until then, God bless and stay safe.