Blogs for Small Business. Irrelevant?

Short answer: no, but they must be done right.

Why you need a blog for your business

Before we begin, you must understand a few things:

  • For decent SEO, your website should have 50+ pages.
  • What type of pages? Well, you can’t just keep creating new products & services pages. Your company only offers so many products and services. And it will be spammy if you create multiple service pages for the same service… just think how confusing it will be for the reader to see you have five pages about driveway paving stones! The pages you’ll need to create are ‘articles’, we’ll explain below.
  • Also, you need an easy way to add new pages to your site, so you don’t have to rely on your webmaster. A WordPress blog is the perfect solution for this.

Re-purposing The Business Blog

Here is what you need to do:

1. Create a WordPress blog, if you don’t already have one

2. Add a link to your blog on your website’s main navigation

3. Write one article every week about:

  • Recent projects you have completed
    • DIY guides
    • De-mystifying common misconceptions customers have about your services
    • Relevant news in your industry
    • Updates that are related to the changing of the seasons
    • Commonly asked questions or common problems your customer is trying to solve.

That is it.

Getting the blog created is super easy if you’re a customer with Clear Imaging… we’ll even do it for free.

For your blog to succeed, all it takes is you and your staff getting together once a week for an hour to pound out some content and create the new page.

By doing this you’re showing Google that you’re not just a 10-page website. Instead, you are a source of knowledge and you’re here to dominate.

Google does not put websites at the top of the rankings that are doing the bare minimum. Double down on content creation in 2020 and show Google you’re here to win.