The Great SEO Race

The Process of Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever had your website “SEO’d” and afterwards did not reach the top of Google?

Did this make you lose faith in Search Engine Optimization?

If yes, worry not.

We’re going to shed light on what is going on.

First, let’s get a bird’s eye view and over-simplify SEO to just three things:

  • Getting Links to your site
  • Getting Reviews for your company
  • Creating Quality Content

Creating Content

Creating content is one of the simplest ways of optimizing a website to rank higher in Google.

In Google’s eyes, a site with 10 quality pages will be regarded differently than a site with 100 quality pages. One of the things Google uses to decide how to rank a site is the amount of quality, and unique content.

When Google is deciding what websites should rank on the top do you think they will pick websites that are doing the ‘bare minimum’?

No, Google is going to put websites in the top that are over-achieving and going for the gold, and have LOTS of quality content.

Therefore, when you think of SEO’ing your website, you need to think of it as a never-ending race of content creation. Continuously creating quality content.

Here’s some ideas for creating quality content if you are a landscaper… You need to have 600 words minimum for each page of content, preferably with related photos.

1. Blog Content

  • Installing a Paver Patio
  • Building a Fire Pit
  • Planning your Garden

2. Articles

  • 5 Tips for a Better Lawn
  • 7 Types of Perennial Plants
  • 10 Ideas for Landscaping

3. Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I Fertilize My Lawns?
  • Which Pavers are Best for a Deck?
  • How Much Should a Patio Cost?


If you added just 1 new page of content every 2 weeks, it would go a long ways to helping you get to the top of Google in your local service areas.

If you got 5 pages of high-quality unique content added to your website, don’t sit back and think you’re done! Because as soon as you stop adding content, the companies that ARE still adding content will pass you by in the race.

This where business-owners misunderstand SEO. It is not a one-time task where you had 5 pages of content and you’re done. You need to keep adding new, fresh content, ever-after. It doesn’t need to be 5 pages in one week, but you should be going for a minimum of one new page every 2 weeks. In 2020 you need to dominate the search results and show Google you’re not just another 15-page website. You need to go for the gold and get fresh pages added every 2 weeks.