Respect it, Don’t Neglect it.

In last week’s article we discussed the three ultra-basic strategies you must have as the foundation for all your marketing efforts in 2020.

One of them is: increasing the number of times you sell to each customer (increasing the life-time value of each customer).

If you’re selling to your customer only once, then you are leaving serious money on the table. Past customers are some of the EASIEST people to sell. Why? Because they have bought from you before! They have rapport with you. They know you.

But if your company only has one product then you need to re-think your business model and find a way to extend your products and services so you can sell to your customers more than just once.

Ok, now on to the plan.

How to do it?

  1. Collect their contact information (with their consent), phone, email, name, mail address.
  2. Choose a method of communication for your campaign: call, email, text, letter
  3. Write your pitch. A good opener is to start the call by asking them how it was going with their product/service they got from you; and if they needed any assistance; build some rapport; and then slide into a special offer just for them since they are a loyal customer.
  4. Get to work contacting and pitching them

That is it.

This will generate new sales for you and maximize your profits for the month. It is a highly worthwhile activity and is worth every dime spent.

Too simple? Some of the most obvious things are so simple they get neglected. We spend so much time and money getting NEW customers, when we have an entire buffet of existing customers just waiting to buy from us again

This year, in 2020, don’t you leave that money on the table. Respect it, don’t neglect it.