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Listen to Google

One of the unique aspects of SEO is that exact metrics, numbers, quantities of its various factors (such as keyword density, link weight, site age, navigation balance, etc) are not only unknown but are closely guarded secrets. Therefore it leaves … Continue reading

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Creative Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing is seldom done with enough creativity and often times is relegated to writing articles and other banality. Let’s take a moment and attempt to think outside the box and look over what content marketing other companies are doing. … Continue reading

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SEO Telemarketing Scam Alert!

No matter what service he is seeking, the un-educated consumer is at terrific risk of being swindled; be it a visit to a mechanic, computer repair technician, or an SEO firm. Being intangible, internet-based, and unregulated the field of SEO … Continue reading

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How to get Positive Reviews

In last week’s article we discussed the power of online reputation and how potent it has become in influencing the minds of potential customers. In many cases it is the determining factor in whether or not a person will seek … Continue reading

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The Power of Online Reputation

While many business owners would scoff at the idea of their business, income and overall reputation being at the mercy of online review sites like Google Plus, Yelp, Angie’s List, Houzz and others, it is to some degree true. The … Continue reading

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