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New Social Media Promotion

As time marches along social media giants continue to find ways to monetize their empires and provide opportunities for business who wish to promote their products/services. Let’s look over a handful of the latest social media advertising platforms: Instagram – … Continue reading

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Direct Email Promotion

If you have ever sent out sales emails to existing or prospective customers only to receive a dearth of responses, and then barely any of them being ‘sold’ you may have been dismayed in regards to the effectiveness of email … Continue reading

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Writing Content that Sells

Many people think when it comes content on web pages (not the website itself, but the content on the page) that beauty and style sells, the more attractive/interesting you make the presentation the more likely people will be sold. This … Continue reading

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SEO for 2014

In 2013 we saw many changes to Google’s ranking methods, with more and more sites being penalized for over-SEO-ing and spamming, and sites with prudent SEO making it through unscathed. Despite these algorithm changes the two pillars of SEO and … Continue reading

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