Getting your Instagram ON

If you’re a CPA or some other non-visual type occupation then you are excused for not promoting your company on Instagram.

But if your company has any modicum of creativity and production you should definitely be leveraging Instagram to promote your offerings.

Small Audience

Assuming you are already taking excellent pictures or posting entertaining memes on your Instagram you will find that you’re just not reaching as far and getting the amount of engagement you want, despite your liberal use of hashtags.

Perhaps you’ve also tried doing ads on Instagram but you’re not getting the results you wanted.

Having an audience of a few hundred won’t do it. Even having an audience of a few thousand won’t really help you get results.

You need to get your Instagram followers up into the tens of thousands.

Here’s how you do it:

How to expand your audience on Instagram

Expanding your audience and followers on Instagram is very simple but requires a concerted effort, and persistence. All you have to do is this one thing: reach out to the thought leaders of your audience/demographic and promote their wears and offerings on your Instagram, and then ask in return if they could promote yours on their Instagram.

Because they have tens of thousands of followers whenever they make a post, it will get a considerable amount of engagement, providing a lot of exposure.

Consider if you did this for twenty different thought leaders in your space/industry, and consider how many new followers you would get from that simple action.


If you are a landscaping company, you would want to find out what thought leaders there are for home improvement, remolding, gardening etc. These thought leaders are individuals, not big businesses.

The process:

  • You would make a list of all the thought leaders who had the largest followings.
  • You would then follow and like many of their posts.
  • Promote their products or services on your Instagram, naturally, giving a ‘shout out’ to them, so they can see you are promoting them and a fan
  • After doing this for a bit, then reach out to them on Instagram (via direct message), tell them that you’re a fan, and you really like their product/service, and have been telling your audience about it. And then finally send them a sample of your product (if you have products), or ask if they would promote your services on their Instagram. If you’re a landscaping company the most practical thing would be for them to simply share the excellent pictures that you are posting of your project portfolio. And if you did have products you could send them free ones to sample, which they could then promote, but in lieu of that photos of your good work would do.
  • Continue to build a relationship with them, by sharing their posts.



By doing this you can expand your sphere of influence outward and reach more people and reach the right people!

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