2017 Email Marketing Battle Plan

Make 2017 a year where you take your newsletter initiative to a whole new level!

What type of emails are you sending out to your list?

Are they getting you results?

Do you have a way of determining whether or not they are getting you results?

If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your current email marketing efforts then pay heed.

In this new year, adopt a whole new strategy:

  • Start using Maichimp or Constant Contact or Aweber, if you are NOT already. You need these services so you can get analytics on your emails, and there by find out what is working and what isn’t. There is no way of tracking/measure success unless you have analytics.
  • Get INFORMED and educated on the subject of email marketing! It is in itself an entire subject. This can’t be over-stressed. Read blogs, books and take courses on this. A good book on the subject is “Email Marketing Machine” by Ryan Deiss.
  • Take what you have learned and apply it, bit by bit. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to implement something that you don’t have a firm grasp on. Just start taking action, step by step. EXAMPLE: taking your list and dividing it into small, more specific lists. A list for paying customers, a list for subscribers who have never bought anything. A list for subscribers who have never opened any of your emails. Simply by sorting your list into different groups you can then communicate to each one more in a more tailored fashion, and get better responses. You would need to have an email service like Mail Chimp in order to determine the open rate of the subscribers on your list. This is an example of something non-complicated you can learn about and apply simply to your setup, and get great results.
  • Keep statistics of your email marketing before and after your new implementations. If you notice statistics getting worse, don’t be afraid to admit the fact that it got worse, and what you did, did not work. Stay objective and be willing to admit mistakes and learn from them. When you do see improvements, make sure you figure out exactly what caused the improvement, and keep doing it.
  • Find successful actions of others and test them out. This is obvious but often gets over-looked.
  • After the pattern of learning, testing and measuring, once you finally get a working installation and are seeing measurable results with certainty, do NOT go and change or reinvent the wheel! What works, works. Don’t let some new gimmick or technique persuade you to undo something which is already working and getting you results. That would be willful suicide. At this point you should only make changes very gradually in a ‘micro’ fashion. If there is some new thing you want to implement, but it would undo certain aspects of your setup, then you should try experimenting this new thing on a smaller list first. Consider it a ‘pilot’ approach.


The key take-aways from this is that you update your system by using a mass email service (Mail Chimp, etc), and study, test, measure and repeat.

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