Tips for a Fantastic Website!

Congratulations! You have made the decision to take your business online and tap into a new market of consumers!!! You have hired a webmaster (preferably Clear Imaging) to design your site – but now you actually need to tell the webmaster what you want… You need to make some choices. Overall making choices is not a difficult thing, but it can be if you don’t have a clear road map as to where you want to go with your website. Here we will give you some simple tips that will leave you feeling more secure and confident when it comes to discussing the overall content and layout of your website. Stick with us, and it will be fabulous in the end!

Be consistent…

Rule number one for website design is to what? That’s right, be consistent. Essentially, this boils down to picking a color scheme and staying with it. Keep the font, layout and color scheme consistent throughout your website. If you are stuck on what color scheme to select, do some research. Compile a list of websites that you like, pay attention to what drew you to them. If your company already has a logo, then you are ahead of the game, select a color scheme that fits with your logo.

Don’t make people dig…

One of the worst things people can do is make their online consumers dig for relevant information. Typically, most websites have a navigation bar on the top of the page (horizontal) or on the left side (vertically). Don’t try to break the mold and try to stick it someplace different. People are creatures of habit – and we like our navigation bar in one of these two places. – Also, talk with your web designer about putting a navigation bar at the bottom of the site in addition to the main navigation bar. This will allow people to move around your site without having to scroll back up to the top – it also helps with SEO.

It’s called spell check…

Don’t be fooled, people will judge you if you have a website full of spelling and grammatical errors. In order to avoid this, do a simple “spell check” on your computer before uploading written content. If your grammar isn’t the best, ask a friend to proof it for you.

Content, Content, Content…

You have heard for realtors the saying of “location, location, location?” Well, for websites the motto is content, content, content. If you don’t update your content, then the search engines will drop you flatter than a pancake. Now we are not saying that you have to redo your home page and about us column every month, what we are saying is that you always want to be making your website bigger and better – this only happens by adding more content.

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